About The Journal

Since 1960, the Institute for Restoration has been annually publishing a collection of research works Art Heritage. Research. Storage. Conservation (before 1975 the collection was published under the title Proceedings of the All-Union Scientific Institute for Restoration (VNIIR)). The collection of articles includes the results of research conducted by the experts of the State Research Institute for Restoration (GOSNIIR) and other institutions involved in cultural conservation.

On October 19, 2021 the meeting of the Academic Board of GOSNIIR decided to transform the collection of articles into an electronic scientific peer-reviewed journal.

In 2021 the last issue of the collection was published on paper; the archive of issues is available at: https://www.gosniir.ru/library/artistic-heritage.aspx .

Since 2022 the collection of articles has been published under the title: Art Heritage. Research. Storage. Conservation. The journal is an online open-access peer-reviewed research publication, issued every three months in Russian and English languages with no paper version available. GOSNIIR is the founder, publisher and editorial board of the journal.

The journal publishes research articles on the theory, history and practice of research, conservation, restoration and storage of works of art and cultural monuments (objects of cultural value, located in museums and libraries, as well as other objects of cultural heritage) in the open access mode. The rubrics of the journal allow covering a wide range of thematic areas that correspond to the following specializations of the Higher Attestation Commission:

5.6. Historical Studies

5.10. Art Criticism and Cultural Studies, including

5.10.1 Theory and History of Culture and Art

5.10.2 Museum Studies, Conservation and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects  

5.10.3. Types of Art (with indication of specific art)

2.1 Construction and architecture, including

2.1.11. Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical and Architectural Heritage


The target audience of the journal includes restorers, researchers, museum workers, historians, art experts and archaeologists, students of specialized higher and secondary educational institutions.